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Camp Fuck You Fuck - the dark(er) side of CFUD's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Camp Fuck You Fuck - the dark(er) side of CFUD

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[15 Jan 2008|05:26pm]

Alrght! Only up several days after I said it would, AU-off prompts, Round 2!

Sign-ups are still open in the previous post. Please use the formatting there to enter your... enterers. If you are already on this list or the other list, there is no need to signup again! Also! When you contribute a prompt, remember that this will be for some other entrants to use so a prompt like "Godot puts his dick in her ear" while really really hot to you, may be more difficult for a different couple to pull off. (We had more prompts than teams in the last post so I just used my best judgment.) And now on to the prompt list!

What lucky couple has landed the coveted 'hairbrush spanking' prompt?Collapse )

THIS POST is where you should link to your porn. If you have your prompt then go! Porn like the wind! Link it here!
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[12 Jan 2008|11:40am]

OK I KNOW I SAID THAT PAIRINGS AND PROMPTS WOULD BE ANNOUNCED NEXT WEEK, BUT I LIED. Why? Because it's silly for people not to get started while they're still pumped about this.

A note! The only entires I got up and assigned prompts to were the ones where I could clearly figure out if you even were signing up and could see your prompt. Everyone who I couldn't figure out if you were entering or had no prompt... didn't get signed up! But don't worry, you can just sign up in this post. This one, right here. And this time, for my sanity, I will ask for you to format you ~official~ entry forms like so:


And that way I know what and how you're signing up. So, without further ado, the prompts for those officially entered in a super-official capacity thus far are as follows: I swear these are random, but I DO like how some came out!Collapse )

Go forth and porn!
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[Pretend that boot is her penis] [11 Jan 2008|08:18pm]

So for a game that bans all sex, you know what there hasn't been enough of? Booze! But there's not much I can do about that so I think it's time for another

CampFuckUFuck Porn-off!

Yes, no one ever finishes these anyway, but it's the thought that counts when it comes to porn, because that's what actually gives you a stiffy. So.

To encourage finishing and being awesome, I will make an MSpaint "doujinshi" of the winning entry and post it to the appropriate comm of the winner's choice. That's right, I will take time out of my busy day to personally piss off your fandom with my shitty art. Wow! What an awesome prize!

"But Mia," you may be saying at your computer screen, as if I could hear you from the internet, "I'd like to enter, but I don't know the rules." Well here! I'll write out the rules right now by hand and definitely not c/p them from last time we did this shit.

Rules:ps adult contentCollapse )

ETA!!!! I don't know if I made it clear, but the prompts will be shuffled and re-distributed randomly :3
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AU-off II - Excel/Ilpala [10 May 2006|05:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So here's my Excel/Ilpala entry. As usual, expect explosions, fourth wall breakage, and very little sex (in fact, in this particular AU, the only penetration is shotgun-related).

Also. 304 comments. I think I got a little carried away. ¬_¬

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Haha I fail OBJECT ASSIGNMENTS [04 May 2006|05:05pm]

You ever get that feeling that you've totally forgotten something? With me it's usually valid. Pls don't hurt me.

Right! Well, here's the current assignment-thingies:

Key/Ilpacock - Funeral home - Penis butter
Excel/Ilpacock - BLANKETFIC CAVE (because I love it just that much) A massive pile of debris (shh, I had an idea) - Shotgun
Stan/Rosalyn - Church - Bat-condoms
Rosalyn/Sai - Shrine - Puppets
Mal/Roy - Barracks - Bananaphone
Roy/Ed - School AU - Toothbrush
Rosalyn/Ami - Roof - Fish tank with live fish
Lord and Lady Montague - Backstage - HK Vibrator

I am so, so sorry in a way that my Il Palazzo journal cannot properly convey. D:
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AU Sex-Off Signups [17 Apr 2006|03:13pm]

[ mood | >D ]

Watch out kiddies, 'cause it's that time again... time for the second


And whaddaya know, this one is actually run by the person who made the community in the first place wtf! (Ooh, aah, ahahaha goddamn I'm lazy!) Aviy did a smashin' job last time, so a lot of stuff is C&Ped, but I'm gonna change some stuff too, 'cause I'm LORD ILPACOCK AND I CAN DO THAT. 8D

U LOVE IT GO 8DCollapse )
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First Not-Exactly Annual Porn Off Contest Voting Thinger [15 Jan 2006|07:27pm]

Everyone, audience and players and contenders alike get one vote! The points don't matter! Right now I'm thinking everyone that got anywhere close to finishing is a winner, cause even more couples than I expected to dropped out >D

Contest open until... yanno, whenever since I don't think I can actually close the polls >D

The entries you are voting on!

Il Palazzo/Excel

Poll #653051 Porn Off Contest Vote!

Funniest AU?

Il Palazzo/Excel

Sappiest/Squishiest AU?

Il Palazzo/Excel

Sexiest AU?

Il Palazzo/Excel

Overall Favorite?

Il Palazzo/Excel
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Tetora/Momoko entry [15 Jan 2006|09:13pm]

Here we go!

Unfinished, haven't gotten around to using our item, either (it's at the end, if we ever get there).

Uhhh, there are so many warnings on this one I can't even think of them all. It's intended to be disturbing. Yeah.
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Riddle/Ed [14 Jan 2006|11:06pm]

And then there was even more porn. General apologies for the fact that there is almost as much talk during sex as out of sex, and the fact that I typo a lot. 295 beautiful comments. Man, I can't believe we fell just short of 300 D=
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SAKURA/LEE ENTRY [31 Dec 2005|12:59am]

[ mood | sexed up ]

Yes. We actually had sex. See? I'm using my "I got laid" icon. Bask in the glory.

Hot Lee on Sakura action. Complete with pier and flower pot (I love you Gwennie).

182 comments, almost completely of fluff & there's even more continuing here!

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AU-Off Entry: Ilpala/Excel [13 Dec 2005|12:59am]

[ mood | sexy ]

Well, I've finished one of my AUs!

Excel/Ilpala, hospital and juggernaut, 88 comments (~6 of which actually involve sex, go me), the word "yogurt" used in reference to bodily fluids, borrowing Kal without permission, the rope... uh... yeah, I'll stop overhyping it now and get crackin' on my other one. XD

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Sex [28 Nov 2005|02:11am]

A little late but...

Here is the list of the couples entering as of now, along with their place/item.

Starfire/Fletcher - Jusenkyo springs/stop sign
Ilpala/Excel - Hospital/juggernaut
Excel/James - camp store/guitar
Riddle/Ed - Ash's playground/umbrella
Itachi/Neji - the pool/butcher knife
Rey/Lupin - out in the woods/soap
Goku/Stan - chapel/beach ball
Tetora/Momoko - hot springs/piggy bank
Sakura/Lee - the pier/flower pot
Riddle/Anakin (or is it Anakin/Riddle? Only time will tell!) - Boys showers/large cow plush
Athrun/Anakin - school house/candle
Riddle/Kazahaya - pillow fort/hand lotion
Alex/Erk - kitchen/set of keys
Rey/Lunamaria - the labs/cellphone
Stan/Rosalyn - roof/clock

Am I missing anyone? There was some unresolved discussion in the previous thread.


1) The place you are given is not necessarily where you HAVE to have sex, though you can.

2) Same with the items, please god don't use some of these items during sex please. ITACHI AND NEJI I'M LOOKING AT YOU

3) Anyone who wants to sign up is still totally welcome to, do so here.

4) You have until the end of the year.

5) Post the sex threads in one of your characters journals. Lock it or not as you will. Post a link to that thread in this comm when you want to (it doesn't matter if it's still in progress) so we can love on you.

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AU Sex-Off Signups [23 Nov 2005|06:28am]

because IRC enabled me

First thing is first:


Who May Enter?

The user info states that this comm is NC-17, but neither myself nor the mod are the age police. Which is to say, if you pretend you're seventeen and enter? I don't care =D Just understand that if there are for some reason any consequences, you brought them on yourself, yadda yadda standard disclaimer etc.

What Characters May Enter?

Any, if you're up to it. Now, I'm not reading any smut with Ash in it, but it's not my place to say that the idea of your character having sex ever makes my brain shatter into a thousand pieces, each screaming in absolute horror and thereby you cannot enter. HOWEVER ALL CHARACTERS MUST BE AGE SIXTEEN OR OLDER. If your character is just a few months away from this goal, feel free to assume a few months have passed. But if they are any younger note in your setting post that 'X' amount of years have passed and character is now of 'X' age. OR ELSE.

What Couples May Enter?

Any. I don't care if you've even met in CFUD, though that certainly makes things easier on you. Only couples though. No more than that. Het/Yuri/Yaoi all equally welcome.

How Many Times May I Enter?

As many as you want, as long as it's a different couple each time. Doesn't have to be your other character, just different combinations.

Can I Enter After The Contest Has Started?

Yes, you can enter late if you want, but your deadline is the same as everyone else.


I don't want to be a writing nazi, but this is porn meant to be read, so please write in that manner. By this I mean write it as if you're writing a story. Paragraphs, dialog in quotes, something that might at least pass for english grammar and punctuation. No *actions* or emoticons. If you are RPing your characters talking to each other on their laptops, then still make it in story format.

Whether you want to use first person or third, present or past tense is up to you, but please try to be consistant.

Other Requirements:

Each couple will randomly get told a location and object when the contest begins. You must be at this location and use this object at some point of the RP. You do not necessarily have to have sex at said location, the characters can meet there, or go there afterward. Be as creative as you need.

Same with the object: it does not need to be used for sex. You can trip over it for all I care, just have it make an appearance somewhere. They're very small requirements meant to give inspiration for couples to do something different than others, not meant to make things more difficult, so if you can't work with them find a way to just throw them in and out in a couple of posts with no real hassle.

Have Sex. Seriously. IT'S A PORN AU. I don't care if it's just mutual masturbation to sixty-nine to a drawn out BDSM torture session. JUST GET OFF.

Times and Locations:

Signups start now and continue until the contest ends. The contest begins November 28th. It's a Monday and as soon as it's that date and twelve AM wherever the hell you are, feel free to go.

Contest will run until the end of the year. On New Years Day I will post the polls for the respective categories. That's a little over a month to do this. I give a lot of time because I would like to get a lot of finished AUs, but as a girl that's been RPing porning...long enough... I know it's easy to fall out of the 'mood' necessary to exchange paragraphs of sex, no matter how hot it is. I would also like people who want to enter multiple times to find it viable to do so. Basically, enough time that this doesn't go from fun to a pain in the ass.

Your will place your AU in the journals of one of the characters. Whether or not you lock the AU is up to you, just don't put them within this comm (so people who do want to lock can). Whenever you want to start sharing your AU with everyone else, whether it's from the first post or not until you've finished, you can make a post in this community linking to your AU. People may then PRAISE AND LOVE ON YOU WITHIN THAT POST ONLY. HERE ME? THIS MEANS NO AUDIENCE COMMENTS WITHIN THE AU ITSELF.

Unfinished AUs:

AUs are not required to be finished to enter the contest. But please submit it at your own disgression. Fifteen posts? Probably not worth entering. Seventy? Maybe is. The last AU I did was 312 comments and unfinished, sometimes the night keeps going on and you lose your will to write it out anymore and that's no surprise to anyone.

Categories and Scoring:

On New Years Day I will post the polls for voting on each fic in each category. Everyone, contestants, players and audience alike gets one vote in each category. This will likely be an honor system.

Categories are: Sexiest, Sappiest/Squishiest, Funniest, Most Creative, Best Written and Overall Favorite.

May or may not add/remove/change that list.

Wank Disclaimer:

This contest is meant to be doofy fun between a group of people with the common interest of roleplaying the sex lives of fictional characters with other fictional characters who probably aren't even from the same canon. IN A WORD, IT'S REALLY PRETTY STUPID. Also, the grand prize is bragging rights only. And if you abuse the bragging rights other players are allowed to throw oranges at you.

What this means is that if anyone takes offense, gets worked up, pissed off or in any way takes our doofy little contest seriously and as a result creates any kind of wank or angst? I WILL POINT AT YOU AND LAUGH MY ASS OFF.

I hate it when people can't have friendly contests because some get too competative. SO PRIOR WARNING: DON'T.


Sign ups are here. Mention yourself and whoever you are going to be steaming things up with. Multiple couples warrent multiple comments just to make sure I notice. Later I'll make a post with a list of all the couples joining to make sure I got you down.


Suggestions for objects and places within camp grounds to use would be appreciated. You will probably not get whatever items or place you suggest, as I'll be pulling these out of a hat. But I'd love to not have to sit around and think of them for myself.


Ask here.
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